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Do you wait for people to find your brand or do you find them? We know It’s getting harder to stand out both online and offline, so we create infectious and engaging solutions that brings people together.

Stories matter. Good ones make a difference. Here’s what we can do to tell yours…

Our Creative Services

Social media content can’t just be good – it must be thumb-stoppingly good. Whether it is images, videos, graphics, written or interactive content, our unconventional approach will generate content which grabs attention, informs, entertains and above all else is valuable – leading to increased clicks, shares and ultimately more interaction and enquiries. Whether it is a one off campaign for your platforms or you would like us to fully manage your accounts, our approach will lead to increased recognition for your brand.

We love Food, Fashion, Travel, Luxury and everything else creative! Photographing it therefore is just a pleasure. We always approach our photography projects the same way. “What does the client want?”… Only once we understand this can we look at capturing the right images. After all, it is your restaurant, hotel, shop or product so it should be down to you how you promote your product.

Here’s the thing. At Foxlight Creative we don’t do dull, and we don’t make videos for the sake of making videos. We’re creative professionals with a broad range of backgrounds in film. We’re not content to sit around churning out soulless sales pitches and boring interviews, that’s not what we are about. We breathe life into tedious technicality. We’ll inspire your viewers with a combination of captivating scripts and unique post production styles.

Are you starting a completely new business and in need of logo designer or just looking to refresh your business materials, our design and marketing team are pretty awesome at creating effective designs that don’t go unnoticed.

We’re more than just an agency that deals with creativity and strategy. We’re the sh*t across the entire spectrum of print production too, delivering projects of every imaginable scope and type for every kind of client to help turn your promotion into a beautiful reality. We also make sure your print materials are delivered on time and within budget.

Podcasts have enjoyed a recent boom as smartphones users have embraced them. Monthly listening has increased by 75 per cent since 2013 and more businesses are turning to them as part of their content marketing.

Like radio, podcasts are an incredibly intimate medium. Listeners will often fall asleep with you in their ears, or drive to work listening to your latest muse. But audiences will switch off when you offer little value or have poor production values. Get it right though and the opportunities are huge – Not only do we provide you with ideas we have studio quality equipment and experienced sound engineers to ensure you’re always on top of your game.

Imagine your customers doing your marketing for you. That’s exactly what can happen when contests form part of your strategy. Popular contests are shared by customers to their friends and colleagues (potential new clients), increasing your reach and ensuring more data is captured.

Blogging is at the heart of most content marketing strategies. It allows businesses to develop a personality, connect with customers and share relevant and valuable content. Moreover, Google rewards companies which produce valuable content for its customers. By working collaboratively with your product specialists our journalist led approach to blogs will give your brand a voice and help you talk about your products and services in a way which builds trust and does not sound like a sales pitch. This approach enables you to be seen as experts in your field – thought leaders – who are willing to share knowledge.

Working to commission, we can produce 360 experiences for your audience and all is filmed using a 4k 360 degree camera rig. Think about it, you could show your customers a car, restaurant/hotel/facility and let them fly through it


If you are interested in talking to us about your social media, please send us a message. We won’t bite!

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