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Working With Signatures Restaurant

How we increased the revenue by 30% for a Restaurant voted best in North Wales!

Fine dining and a love for great food is what really attracted Foxlight Creative to Signatures Restaurant as well as it being one of the ‘foodie’ wonders of North Wales and winners of countless awards for being one of the UK’s best. On behalf of Signatures we had to shout about them and do it in such a diverse way it would make Signatures a go-to restaurant for both a younger and older demographic experiencing date night.

First, We Created the Perfect Content…

From Signatures’ marketing materials, food photography and attention seeking graphic design posts’ to a modernised booking system with a new interface easy enough a 4 year old to crack. We gave it our all!

Then we gave North Wales something Different!

As a restaurant, branding is crucial. How you go about branding yourself is nearly as important as the quality of food when it arrives with the customer. With so many restaurants operating in the same region, it was important to differentiate.

There is something quite personal with the customer experience when visiting Signatures, so it was integral for the images and designs to reflect this. It was also important to produce something friendly and approachable that people would want to interact with. With these factors in mind, our deliverables’ became obvious and we supported the new look with a screenshot voucher that was used by many that simply had to show their phone to get 20% off the total bill.


A lil something more… The Signatures Video Campaign

Sit back, relax and take a virtual tour of Signatures Restaurant. Good Vibes included but you may also get really f*cking hungry…

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