Hey, we’re the guys getting sh*t done & doing it differently 

Right now, we’re spending every living moment breathing social media & creating fearless content for businesses that operate outside the box. At 21 years old, we grew alongside these ever-changing mediums & our key is to adapt by the second, not the hour.

Foxlight Creative in simple terms is a powerhouse of fresh ideas and radical content. We help brands get noticed and selected by new customers every single day. We make them stand out in a world saturated with products and services that splatter your social media feeds every second. We focus on selling attention and not selling products.

Sell beauty.

Sell the compliments your customers will give you on your exquisite Thai green salmon burgers with spicy sweet potato wedges.

Sell the attention of attractive dudes at the bar, or the jealous looks of other girls who wish their boobs looked that good.

Sell never feeling self-conscious in a bikini again


You can probably just scroll past this section. We only put it here because… SEO

Agile / innovative / ideation / empathy driven / experience / immersive / activation / influencer / disruptive / iterate / social media management / engagement / holistic approach / localisation / authenticity / interactive / lean / storytelling / user centered / design thinking / responsive / optimisation / narrative / chatbox / 360 degrees / creativity / full service / impact / first movers / initiators

The Creatives

We love creativity, and it takes a special individual to wear the Foxlight colours. Our team have a passion for exceeding expectations and carry an instinct to deliver an incredible service.
Corey Payne

Head of Social / Co Founder

Stephen Kelly

Videographer / Co Founder

Nicci Barham

Client Director

Jordan Macintyre

Web Developer

If you would like to arrange an appointment with Corey & Stephen to discuss a project you may have just send us a message!

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